NiCd batteries

Ni-Cd is perfect for most applications – from boats through trains to airplanes, from nuclear plants to industrial UPS systems.Ni-Cd is suited for the use in every sector – industrial, commercial, governmental and military.

Ni-Cd has exceptionally long operational lifetime, low maintenance, permanent mechanical integrity, high resistance to mechanical abuse, low life-cycle cost. It is simple – all thanks to the principles of alkaline chemistry.

Exceptional lifetime at high temperatures, no electrolyte freezing below 0 °C, Ni-Cd features the widest operational temperature range of – 40 °C to + 50 °C and 20+ years in constant operation.

Designed with large electrolyte reserve, while preventing electrode plate corrosion and electrolyte stratification, Ni-Cd is the best solution for applications requiring expected reliability with the minimum of routine maintenance.