Lithium-Ion forklift batteries

Switch to the Li-Ion technology

Increase Productivity

Our lithium motive power batteries have been developed and designed to be completely secure, to reduce maintenance costs, and to increase the productivity of the logistics areas.

100% Maintenance free, more than 6500 cycles of life span, easily switch to the Li-Ion technology with Barbillon.
Download PDF: LFP Motive Power

LiFePo4 Chemistry

LiFePO4 has been selected as main cell chemistry due to its safety, stable performances, thermal stability and low environment impact.



The Li-Ion batteries enable our customers to work under highly demanding activity peaks, thanks to a multi shift application with only one battery through fast and opportunity charging.


High quality products
  • Compatible with all electric forklifts brands and types, plug and play system, just plugin the Li-Ion battery and get to work!
  • One batteryper forklift, no need to take our or unplug the battery for the charging process thanks to a plug and play setup (one conector for the changing process and another one for the discharging process).
  • 24/7 operation thanks to a super fast opportunity charge set up (battery is full charged in less than two hours).
  • No battery room needed, no more down times due to battery changes
  • Completely maintenance free.
  • No gassing.
  • Quick return on your initial investment.
  • External LCD screen with SOC and alarms.
  • Opportunity charge: you can charge your battery even for only 15 minutes during your break or change of shift.
  • Totally safe! Our batteries are equipped with a battery management system (BMS) that will autonomously take care of your battery performances and immediately shut it down if it detects any parameter that could damage your equipmentsor put your safety at risk.