Baterías OPZV

Valve Regulated Tubular Plate GEL Batteries for Stand-By ApplicationsOPzV batteries are characterized by maintenance-free, long service life, excellent reliable performance even in harsh conditions (high operating temperatures or unstable power network), thus providing a premium, efficient and cost effective energy solution.Optimum design, according to DIN international standards, exclusive use of high quality raw materials, robust construction and state of the art manufacturing processes make this OPzV range the ideal solution for stand-by applications requiring high level of safety and reliability.

-Baterías tubulares VRLA de gel para aplicaciones de standby power.
-100% libres de mantenimiento, confiable en ambiente extremos (temperaturas o bien red eléctrica inestable).
-Celdas de 2V.
-Capacidad de 215 a 3170Ah.
-Instalación posible de manera vertical y horizontal.